Too Faced BORN THIS WAY foundation review!


IMG_3071.jpgI just spent a good 30 minutes reading the bad reviews on the site for the Too Faced BORN THIS WAY foundation.  I really do believe that sometimes, as consumers, we forget that makeup isn’t a one-size fits all thingy.  Yes, there are products that don’t work well, but sometimes a great product might not work for everyone.  And that’s fair.  So how does it work for me?


Here’s my experience.  Again I always point out that I have dry skin with a slight oily T zone.  Foundations don’t always sit well on my dry skin and my skin is so super sensitive that a lot of the primers on the market cause me to break out.  I have a few lines, a few wrinkles, and large pores.  I also tried this product with and without a primer.  I use the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water: Holy Hydration! and it seemed to work well with and without the primer.

As you can see from the video, the coverage is actually very good.  Even under the eyes!


So here’s my bullet list of things I like and don’t like:

  • Like: The color choices.  I bought Natural Beige.  I applied the foundation with a brush.  It went on well and covered all the redness on my face.
  • Like: Smooth application.  It really does cover imperfections.
  • Sort of Like: On the product it states it’s Medium to Full coverage.  True.  One application gave me medium coverage.  Double application gave me full coverage.  But after 8 hours my foundation was wearing off.
  • With or without the primer nothing changed for me.
  • If I was giving this product 1-4 stars, 4 being the best, I would say this foundation gets a 3.5.  Only because I don’t think it’s the best all around foundation for my skin texture but still good enough for me to continue using for casual day wear.

I will be purchasing HUDA soon! Stay tune for my review.





fresh SUGAR Honey Lip Balm

Just picked this up at the Huntington Mall’s Long Island Sephora today!  The tip came from Youtuber Jaime Paige’s channel.   I have to tell you that this is the best lip balm I’ve ever purchased.  Not only does it have the perfect formula to quench those winter dry lips, it comes in a variety of colors to choose from.   My lips can get super dry and chapped during the New York winter season.

I chose the color HONEY.  As is states on the Sephora site the balm is a bold warm nude.  I have a light olive complexion and it was just the right color for me.  It’s not just a hint of color, it’s more than just a tint or hint of color.  It’s perfect on those days you don’t want to wear lipstick but want a hint (more than a hint) of color.

The price is $24.  Yes, a bit pricey for a balm, but again, it’s more than a balm.  This is not your mom’s chapstick.  Wish I had known about this a month ago.