Foundations 2017 – in memoriam.

A few days ago I stopped at Sephora and picked up a few items I’ve seen on the 2017 Best Makeup Lists.  I finally decided to try Too Faced Born This Way foundation.  I do realize how delayed this purchase is.  And I know ya’ll have moved on to HUDA and FENTY but just give me a second to catch up because when I find something I really like or think I like I stick with it for a while.

Below is what I’ve been wearing for the last year.  Not thrilling.  I’m not in love with any of them.  Not even the Mac Sculpt Studio which is actually my favorite among them all.  I love the Mac scent, maybe that’s it.


Before I get rid of them, I figured I’d give them their just good-byes. (Graded from A-F.)

Infallible Total Coverage,  you were always a bit slimey, like mousse, but like styling gel mousse, not face mousse.  I never really liked you.  In fact, out of all the foundations I tried in 2017, you were my least favorite.  (D)

Infallible Pro-Matte, I had fun times with you.  I really like your color, consistency, and coverage BUT on cold days you made my face look like dirt that hadn’t seen water in 3 months. (C)

Infallible Pro-Glow, ooh, you my love, like Pro-Matte, had me there for a second.  Actually out of all the Infallibles, you were the one I spent the most time with.  But the glow just wasn’t enough coverage to keep me.  (C)

Revlon Youth FX, What in the world are you?  I just couldn’t get into you.  You too are a little too moussey for my taste.  You made me look pasty and pasty isn’t cute. (D)

Revlon Colorstay Foundation,  tried you twice.  Should’ve kept it a one night stand.  Reason?  Because you’re messy.  Straight up messy.  You stain my clothes.  You come in a jar.  Who comes in a jar these days?  You’re not easy to apply.  Sorry boo. (D)

Revlon Photo Ready Airbrush Effect, well, looky here.  You have potential.  On second thought, I’m not getting rid of you.  You’re not so bad.  I just need to wear a lot of moisturizer when I use you. And your little pump turns me on. (B)

Mac Studio Sculpt, love your color, consistency, and coverage.  A little goes a long way.  You’ve always worked best on days I’ve had a professional event. You’re so dependable but you cost a lot. And you’re not an everyday fling for me.  I can’t actually throw you away because I spent way too much on you.  I’m invested.  So I’ll wait it out and see how I can incorporate you into my life. (B)

Now onto new adventures, new loves, and new foundations.

Stay tuned for my Too Faced Born this Way review on a wintery, dry, bomb cycloned mature face.





My eyelashes have a new crush.

Remember this? Who was crazy enough to do this?


Okay, I’ll be honest, I remember doing this very thing thinking it was the greatest hack for combing out my clumped up lashes.  What in the world was I thinking?  This is a freak accident waiting to happen.   So many things could go wrong here.  Like your Great Dane decides he needs a hug and comes up from behind, jumps on you, and oops, there goes your eyeball.  Mascara clumps would be the least of your problems.  Or worse, this is a recipe for a massive eye infection.  I was going to Google the horror stories but my imagination is doing a great job on its own.

What I don’t understand is why didn’t we question the quality of the product rather than sticking a pin a millimeter from our eyeballs?

I was told, by every beauty magazine, that Maybelline’s Great Lash is not only the best bargain but it’s also a great mascara.  Looking back, I have to disagree.  I remember having to buy a new tube every month and the damn thing would become thick really quickly.  And I was kind of brainwashed in my twenties and thirties into believing no other mascara would do.  But yet I kept buying more of this cheap pink stuff.

Well, thank goodness things have changed.

Most recently I was using a product I received in a 2017 Ipsy Subscription(I’ve since canceled this subscription because how many Argan oil products does one need?) The mascara was Lash Domination by Bare Minerals.  At first I thought it was great.  Look at that brush.

Lash Domination Wand

But in time I noticed that during the day the mascara would flake and land on my cheeks and many times into my eyes and dirtied up my contact lenses a lot.

So I went searching for a mascara a week ago that would lengthen and not clump my lashes and low and behold “I think” I found it!  Stila Extreme Lash Mascara!

So far so good.  It retails for $23 and it lengthens your lashes really well.  It doesn’t clump.  And I don’t feel too made up, yet my lashes look great. So far no flakes but I’ll update this blog if anything changes.


I don’t expect this mascara to be the end all mascara.  Like most crushes in life, there’s always something bigger and better.  Uh, I mean better 😉

For now I’ll flirt with it and see where this relationship goes.

Have a great day!


The Invisible Woman

Being female in a particular time in history, I feel, has everything to do with who we become in our lifetime.   I know that many like to think that the key to success is in our minds, and that all it takes to make it in this world is grit, fearlessness, and ambition.  That statement is partly true.  The other half, which many people fail to see is, we live in a world where rules and ideas are implemented on behalf of us by those who sometimes don’t have our best interest at heart, or who simply don’t know who we are and therefore don’t know what we truly need and want as women.  So many of us hang on to someone else’s idea of who we should be, especially when we hit our 50’s.  Suddenly the media begins to dictate all the things 50 year-olds need to say away from.


*Don’t use glitter eye shadow after 50!*

Fenty Eyeshadow

If I want to wear GLITTER EYE SHADOW at 60 or 70 or 80 it’s my business.  I want to experience Rhianna’s Fenty Fabulousness too!

Why must I make myself small to make you feel comfortable?

With the exception of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, and Angela Bassett, the rest of us become invisible sometime in our forties.  What I mean by invisible is, we begin to see less versions of ourselves in the media.    A lot of folks (women too) seem much more interested in following the lives of the Hadid and Kardashian sisters.    No one cares about the wise and experienced middle aged YouTuber.    When you get to be my age, it begins to feel like you’re living in an alternate universe.  Where all the less experienced people are ruling the world. Oh boy, yeah, let’s not get into that right here.

I believe beauty is in the heart the way “Groove is in the Heart”.

You’re only invisible if you think you should be invisible.

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