The Invisible Woman

Being female in a particular time in history, I feel, has everything to do with who we become in our lifetime.   I know that many like to think that the key to success is in our minds, and that all it takes to make it in this world is grit, fearlessness, and ambition.  That statement is partly true.  The other half, which many people fail to see is, we live in a world where rules and ideas are implemented on behalf of us by those who sometimes don’t have our best interest at heart, or who simply don’t know who we are and therefore don’t know what we truly need and want as women.  So many of us hang on to someone else’s idea of who we should be, especially when we hit our 50’s.  Suddenly the media begins to dictate all the things 50 year-olds need to say away from.


*Don’t use glitter eye shadow after 50!*

Fenty Eyeshadow

If I want to wear GLITTER EYE SHADOW at 60 or 70 or 80 it’s my business.  I want to experience Rhianna’s Fenty Fabulousness too!

Why must I make myself small to make you feel comfortable?

With the exception of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, and Angela Bassett, the rest of us become invisible sometime in our forties.  What I mean by invisible is, we begin to see less versions of ourselves in the media.    A lot of folks (women too) seem much more interested in following the lives of the Hadid and Kardashian sisters.    No one cares about the wise and experienced middle aged YouTuber.    When you get to be my age, it begins to feel like you’re living in an alternate universe.  Where all the less experienced people are ruling the world. Oh boy, yeah, let’s not get into that right here.

I believe beauty is in the heart the way “Groove is in the Heart”.

You’re only invisible if you think you should be invisible.

Share your beauty!




Will Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream Save My Dry Skin?

I hope so. My skin is in bad shape this winter. Lots of flakes on the bridge of my nose and in the corner of my eyelids and dry red itchy patches on my chin and forehead. My face literally hurts. The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel moisturizer was no longer working for me.  So I went on a search for a new moisturizer.

When I turned 50, four years ago, I noticed a major difference in my skin texture.  For most of my life I had oily skin and never had a need for moisturizer.  But over time we lose collagen, lots of it.  I didn’t start using a moisturizer until I was in my 40’s and one of the biggest issues I had with any moisturizer was the occasional acne flareup.  So I’d wear it for a week or two and stopped altogether.  But now at 54, things are different. Plus my hormones have changed a whole lot due to the fact I needed a full hysterectomy three years ago because of fibroids and I am hypothyroid now for 6 years.    I find that, in the winter especially, I develop small round dry patches around my face.  So it was time to find something that would take me out of my misery.

I Googled “Best face moisturizer for dry skin” and these were the top 3 results:

With my Macy’s gift card in hand I decided to purchase the top rated product on Google which is Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream. Note that there are three versions of this product.  There is a gel, a lotion, and a cream.  The cream is for super dry skin.  Here is a great article that explains the differences between the three types:  Cream vs. Lotion vs. Gel.

I’ll be trying this out for 14 days to see if I see any real change in my skin texture.

A little goes a long way with this product. The consistency is light and non-greasy. It disappears into the skin nicely and dries quickly.  It appears to be non-scented.

Tomorrow I’m going to try it on with my foundation to see how it takes. Will take notes and let you know.  In the meantime, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to send me a message or comment.

And by the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR!




fresh SUGAR Honey Lip Balm

Just picked this up at the Huntington Mall’s Long Island Sephora today!  The tip came from Youtuber Jaime Paige’s channel.   I have to tell you that this is the best lip balm I’ve ever purchased.  Not only does it have the perfect formula to quench those winter dry lips, it comes in a variety of colors to choose from.   My lips can get super dry and chapped during the New York winter season.

I chose the color HONEY.  As is states on the Sephora site the balm is a bold warm nude.  I have a light olive complexion and it was just the right color for me.  It’s not just a hint of color, it’s more than just a tint or hint of color.  It’s perfect on those days you don’t want to wear lipstick but want a hint (more than a hint) of color.

The price is $24.  Yes, a bit pricey for a balm, but again, it’s more than a balm.  This is not your mom’s chapstick.  Wish I had known about this a month ago.