Surprising Finds Day 2 of 5: Charcoal Face Mask

This jar is the cutest.  I’m sure that’s partly the reason I picked it up.  I love cute or pretty packaging, it gets me in the wallet each and every time.

So here’s my second product I’m reviewing from my TJ Maxx shopping spree.  IMG_3339.jpg

Organik Botanik Australian Charcoal Face Mask is a mouthful and to my surprise the formula is not black but a light bluish gray.  It has a pleasant scent, not overbearing at all and it’s easy to apply and remove.

So as usual I went on a search to find reviews.  I can’t find any reviews for this product.  I did find a blog post from STILETTO SUPERMOM about another product (Brown Sugar Face Scrub) from the same company. She gave it a thumbs down.  The Australian company that makes these products is called Cognescenti and they have a few product lines.  My final take on this product is, it’s not a wow, but it’s also not a miss.  The consistency is very thin. I’m going to give it a few more tries before I give up on it.  I found that after I washed it off my skin felt soft and not dry at all.   It costs $4.99.  But I will say that I probably won’t be going back for seconds.


Stay tuned for my third product review from TJ Maxx: ValJean Labs GLOW Vitamin C and Magnesium Facial Serum.




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