Surprising Finds Day 2 of 5: Charcoal Face Mask

This jar is the cutest.  I’m sure that’s partly the reason I picked it up.  I love cute or pretty packaging, it gets me in the wallet each and every time.

So here’s my second product I’m reviewing from my TJ Maxx shopping spree.  IMG_3339.jpg

Organik Botanik Australian Charcoal Face Mask is a mouthful and to my surprise the formula is not black but a light bluish gray.  It has a pleasant scent, not overbearing at all and it’s easy to apply and remove.

So as usual I went on a search to find reviews.  I can’t find any reviews for this product.  I did find a blog post from STILETTO SUPERMOM about another product (Brown Sugar Face Scrub) from the same company. She gave it a thumbs down.  The Australian company that makes these products is called Cognescenti and they have a few product lines.  My final take on this product is, it’s not a wow, but it’s also not a miss.  The consistency is very thin. I’m going to give it a few more tries before I give up on it.  I found that after I washed it off my skin felt soft and not dry at all.   It costs $4.99.  But I will say that I probably won’t be going back for seconds.


Stay tuned for my third product review from TJ Maxx: ValJean Labs GLOW Vitamin C and Magnesium Facial Serum.




Surprising Finds Day 1 of 5: Makeup Remover Wipes from Body Prescriptives

I took a trip to TJ Maxx Friday night looking for a pair of flats for the new teaching job and I walked out with no shoes but I did leave with five new beauty products that I couldn’t wait to try out.

TODAY’S REVIEW is on the Body Prescriptives Micellar Makeup Remover Wipes.  Before I opened the package, I Googled the product to see if it was a complete loser of a product.


I couldn’t find any reviews. This large picture above is what I purchased at TJ Maxx, which is packaged differently than the package on the left from Amazon. I did notice that the one on Amazon was for sensitive skin.  The one I picked up was a hydrating formula.  Both products offer 60 wipes and I will say these are Bounty Towel size wipes. Okay, I’m exaggerating but they are larger than the average makeup remover wipe.

What I really like about these giant size wipes is one, the size of course, but also, unlike the popular Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes these wipes really did remove most of my makeup with one wipe.  I usually tend to use 2-3 wipes when I’m removing my makeup. I do love the way this wipe is made. It grabs a lot more makeup, I’m assuming because of the raised pattern.  The other thing I notice is that the formula didn’t sting.  Lots of times when I try makeup remover wipes, they tend to sting my face for a few seconds after I wipe.  These did not.  The scent was super pleasant.  The cost was $3.99 and being that I’m not brand loyal when it comes to makeup wipes, this purchase got me super excited.


I often wonder why these products end up at TJ Maxx.  I know that not everything there is a reject.  And the only caveat to buying beauty products at TJ Maxx is,  lots of times I’ll find something I really like only to find out it was discontinued and now I can’t find it any longer. And as much as a risk taker I am when it comes to buying random beauty products, I refuse to go home with the entire shelf without first testing the product.

So here’s my final take on this product: I love it!  I think I’ll go back and purchase the other pack I saw on the shelf.  60 wipes is so much more than you usually get.  Now, as I was  writing this blog I decided to take a photo of the back of the product, in order to share the ingredients and other info.  Well, check out the date.


Today is January 27th, 2018.

Truth is I’m still going to use the product.   And this answers my question about why great products end up in TJ Maxx. LOL

Stay tuned for my next TJ MAXX beauty find review: Australian Charcoal Mask


Tarte Maracuja Neck Treatment: a game changer?

No, the Tarte Maracuja Neck Treatment is not a game changer but it’s a pleasantly scented, thick cream that smooths lines and wrinkles and only smooths them faintly.  It doesn’t make my lines and wrinkles disappear or even blur them, but it does give my skin a nice smooth appearance.


My favorite thing about this cream is the scent and the pretty packaging!


Revolution Vivid Baked Bronzer


I have a few bronzers in my makeup collection and that’s because I can never find just the right formula.  I had been using the Nars Laguna Liquid Bronzer for some time however the pump gave out on me and I couldn’t retrieve the product without getting bronzer all over my hands before leaving for work.  Also, one of the little problems I had with this bronzer is that it never seemed to go on dark in a flattering way.  It always made my face uneven and it many ways it looked dirty if I put too much on.


So early this year I stopped in to my neighborhood ULTA and on a whim found this beautiful baby: Revolution Vivid Baked Powder in READY TO GO color.  I hadn’t seen any reviews on it and decided to try it out.  So far I really like it.  It doesn’t go on too heavy and it also has this natural highlighting element that gives a beautiful glow.  It’s also buildable.  A double application gives more than a sun kissed look. You can even use it as a highlighter on your cheekbones.   And the best part is, it’s not messy at all.

I definitely will give this product a full 4 stars.


Too Faced BORN THIS WAY foundation review!


IMG_3071.jpgI just spent a good 30 minutes reading the bad reviews on the site for the Too Faced BORN THIS WAY foundation.  I really do believe that sometimes, as consumers, we forget that makeup isn’t a one-size fits all thingy.  Yes, there are products that don’t work well, but sometimes a great product might not work for everyone.  And that’s fair.  So how does it work for me?


Here’s my experience.  Again I always point out that I have dry skin with a slight oily T zone.  Foundations don’t always sit well on my dry skin and my skin is so super sensitive that a lot of the primers on the market cause me to break out.  I have a few lines, a few wrinkles, and large pores.  I also tried this product with and without a primer.  I use the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water: Holy Hydration! and it seemed to work well with and without the primer.

As you can see from the video, the coverage is actually very good.  Even under the eyes!


So here’s my bullet list of things I like and don’t like:

  • Like: The color choices.  I bought Natural Beige.  I applied the foundation with a brush.  It went on well and covered all the redness on my face.
  • Like: Smooth application.  It really does cover imperfections.
  • Sort of Like: On the product it states it’s Medium to Full coverage.  True.  One application gave me medium coverage.  Double application gave me full coverage.  But after 8 hours my foundation was wearing off.
  • With or without the primer nothing changed for me.
  • If I was giving this product 1-4 stars, 4 being the best, I would say this foundation gets a 3.5.  Only because I don’t think it’s the best all around foundation for my skin texture but still good enough for me to continue using for casual day wear.

I will be purchasing HUDA soon! Stay tune for my review.




Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water: Holy Hydration!

Holy hydrating! If you follow my blog you know that my first post was about me searching for the best moisturizer for my face.  I live in NY and the winters can be brutal here on skin.  Also, I’m 54 years old and have dry skin and a T zone that is (at this point in my life) only slightly oily, so I am constantly dealing with oily moisturizers that don’t hydrate me and love to cause break outs.  Here’s what I’ll say first about the new moisturizer after having tried it for a few days, Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizer Cream is good on days I don’t need to wear a lot of makeup and it also works well as a nighttime moisturizer for me.   However, again, I was disappointed to find out that it made me look shiny when I did apply makeup and it also caused a few pimples on my cheeks to surface.

So now enter winter relief: Smashbox Photo Ready Primer Water.  Yass! Gurl! This is what I’d been searching for.  This what this old chick needed for a more hydrated look and feel.  This was an impulsive purchase and I’m so glad I didn’t overthink the $32 price tag for 3.9 ounces of “fancy agua”.

How I use it: Before I apply any foundation, I spritz it all over my face until I’ve dampened my entire face.  I wait for my face to air dry a bit, yet keeping it slightly moist. Then I apply my foundation with a foundation brush.   After I apply all my makeup, I spritz my face again.   It makes my face look and feel dewy.  I crave dewy people!  Because smooth and dewy skin doesn’t come easy for me.  And the scent is pleasant.  I’ve read reviews that stated there wasn’t a scent. No, there is, it’s a soft feminine (not in the Summer’s Eve way) scent. Not overbearing, and it doesn’t linger at all. It disappears.

I highly recommend this product.  It’s pricey and I’m sure one bottle will last me just under a month, but it actually works for me.  In the description on it recommends storing this in the fridge.  I have no idea why.  If you find out please let me know.

Happy Hydrating!

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Foundations 2017 – in memoriam.

A few days ago I stopped at Sephora and picked up a few items I’ve seen on the 2017 Best Makeup Lists.  I finally decided to try Too Faced Born This Way foundation.  I do realize how delayed this purchase is.  And I know ya’ll have moved on to HUDA and FENTY but just give me a second to catch up because when I find something I really like or think I like I stick with it for a while.

Below is what I’ve been wearing for the last year.  Not thrilling.  I’m not in love with any of them.  Not even the Mac Sculpt Studio which is actually my favorite among them all.  I love the Mac scent, maybe that’s it.


Before I get rid of them, I figured I’d give them their just good-byes. (Graded from A-F.)

Infallible Total Coverage,  you were always a bit slimey, like mousse, but like styling gel mousse, not face mousse.  I never really liked you.  In fact, out of all the foundations I tried in 2017, you were my least favorite.  (D)

Infallible Pro-Matte, I had fun times with you.  I really like your color, consistency, and coverage BUT on cold days you made my face look like dirt that hadn’t seen water in 3 months. (C)

Infallible Pro-Glow, ooh, you my love, like Pro-Matte, had me there for a second.  Actually out of all the Infallibles, you were the one I spent the most time with.  But the glow just wasn’t enough coverage to keep me.  (C)

Revlon Youth FX, What in the world are you?  I just couldn’t get into you.  You too are a little too moussey for my taste.  You made me look pasty and pasty isn’t cute. (D)

Revlon Colorstay Foundation,  tried you twice.  Should’ve kept it a one night stand.  Reason?  Because you’re messy.  Straight up messy.  You stain my clothes.  You come in a jar.  Who comes in a jar these days?  You’re not easy to apply.  Sorry boo. (D)

Revlon Photo Ready Airbrush Effect, well, looky here.  You have potential.  On second thought, I’m not getting rid of you.  You’re not so bad.  I just need to wear a lot of moisturizer when I use you. And your little pump turns me on. (B)

Mac Studio Sculpt, love your color, consistency, and coverage.  A little goes a long way.  You’ve always worked best on days I’ve had a professional event. You’re so dependable but you cost a lot. And you’re not an everyday fling for me.  I can’t actually throw you away because I spent way too much on you.  I’m invested.  So I’ll wait it out and see how I can incorporate you into my life. (B)

Now onto new adventures, new loves, and new foundations.

Stay tuned for my Too Faced Born this Way review on a wintery, dry, bomb cycloned mature face.